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Max Steel: Hero's Journey

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Max Steel: Hero's Journey

Join Max Steel as he journeys to the futuristic world to get rid of evil and vile cyborgs. Shoot down bad robots in Max Steel: Hero’s Journey! on his struggle to rid the world of evil, one enemy at a time. Overcome various challenges and obstacles and make the world safe again. Max Steel: Hero’s Journey is a side scrolling action shooter platformer game where you control Max Steel. Evil is currently represented by a powerful enemy of cyborgs and robots, and your goal is to stop them and defeat all of them. The game features a beautiful 3D graphics and fast paced (bullet hell -like) combat that offers a challenging gameplay. The game’s smooth FPS also allows players to enjoy the game’s amazing effects while staying competitive. Controls Mouse – Navigate / Aim Left Mouse Button – Interact / Shoot WASD – Move Space – Special P – Pause

Game Categories: Action

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